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Cook Teams

Judging will be based on one category and the number of teams will be limited to 10.

1st – Chief – $300 & Prize
2nd – Assistant Chief – $200 & Prize
3rd – Captain – $100 & Prize

First place sauce score overall – $100

Bill Gray Memorial Whole Hog Cook-Off
2024 Official Rules and Regulations

1.  All cooking spaces will be numbered and pre-assigned by the event coordinator. No changes will be allowed.  

2.  A member of Deep Run VFD will direct you to your site. Each team is required to be checked in no later than 6:00 p.m. on Friday, December 13, 2024.

3.  Teams will be permitted to begin setting up their equipment any time after 4:00 PM, Friday, December 13, 2024. Deep Run Volunteer Fire Department shall not be responsible for any cookers or equipment brought to the grounds before this time.  

4.  A Chief Cooks briefing will be held at 6:30; attendance is mandatory.  

5.  Each cooking team shall have one person designated as Chief Cook. The Chief Cook shall be the only person permitted to present the pig during the judging process.

6.  The Deep Run Volunteer Fire Department will provide a 125-135 lb. pig. Pigs will be distributed on Friday, December 13, 2024, at approximately 8:00 PM and the contest will officially begin at that time.

7.  All pigs must be cooked in an above-ground cooker. If you are using a gas cooker it must meet the safety standards such as a proper regulator, tanks must be secured to prevent accidentally being overturned, and any other requirements the event coordinator deems for safety precautions.

8.  The use of gasoline for any reason is prohibited.

9.  Cook teams are requested to keep their cooking area free of trash. Please use the trash containers provided at various locations. Each team is responsible for site cleanup at the end of the contest.  All teams’ spaces will be checked prior to leaving the cook team area, any team leaving prior to the official check-out will be subject to forfeiture of prize winnings and a potential ban from future contests.

10.  All cook teams are requested to refrain from consuming alcohol. This event will be held on the property of Deep Run Volunteer Fire Department.

11.  All cook teams are requested to respect the rights of others, with special emphasis from each team member relating to loud music, loud or profane language, or infringement on adjoining sites with any equipment, cookers, cars, campers, vans, pickups, etc. The curfew for quiet time will be midnight. Please be mindful there are homes around the property.  

12.  Gloves are not mandatory, but a basin of water and soap is mandatory for cleanliness purposes.

13.  An event staff person will be assigned to accompany the judges while the pigs are being judged. The staff person will collect score sheets. The score sheets will contain no information that will in any manner identify the cooks or sponsors. The event staff, not the judges, will total the score sheets.

14.  Pigs should not be sauced inside or out.  Those pigs that have been sauced will be disqualified.  

15.  No external heat source may be used other than the grill.  Some examples might include but are not limited to heat guns and torches. Those using external heat sources will be disqualified.

16.  Injecting pigs will not be allowed.  Some examples might include but are not limited to sauce and product drippings.  Those injecting pigs will be disqualified.  

17.  Following the judging for on-site judging, the pigs shall be kept warm until picked up by the event staff. All pigs must be chopped, following judgingContestants must remove the cooked pork from the grill and place in the provided container for pick-up. Contestants that do not turn in chopped pigs or remove cooked pork from the grill will be disqualified.  

18.  The Sauce Chief award winner, will be determined by the highest score in the sauce category from the judges’ sheets.  

19.  In the event of a tie, event staff will refer to the judging sheets, and the winner will be awarded by the highest points in the category of meat taste. If a tie remains the category of skin crispiness; followed by the category of moisture until there is no longer a tie.

20. Deep Run VFD maintains the decision to distribute or mail the score sheets, following the announcement of winners.  

21.  Contest winners will be announced on Saturday, December 14, 2024, as soon as judging is complete, and results are calculated.

22.  All checks for product quality and sauce competition will be given to the Chief Cook on the day of the event. 

23.  Each team will receive up to four complimentary BBQ sandwich tickets, upon request.

24.  All cookers and equipment must be removed no later than 5:00 p.m., December 14, 2024, unless special permission is granted.   Deep Run Volunteer Fire Department will not be responsible for any cookers or equipment left on the premises after such time.

25.  Teams that are unable to attend must cancel by Wednesday, December 11, 2024, or they will receive a bill for the pig that was ordered for your team. 

26.   If your pig is determined to not be fully cooked upon the judges reaching your site, you WILL be required to finish cooking the pig without being scored.  If a team fails to finish cooking their pig, they WILL receive a bill for the pig that was ordered for that team. 

Bill Gray Memorial Whole Hog Cook-Off
December 13-14, 2024
South Lenoir High School | Deep Run, NC